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Meet the Team


Kekoa Gonzales

Co-Owner of Reify Productions, Kekoa is the eye behind the lens as the lead Cinematographer/Director of the team. Kekoa oversees bookings and client consultations to make sure every idea comes to fruition. Kekoa say's "true passion from an individual is strong, but passion spread between like minded friends is truly unstoppable".  


Oscar Ordonez

Co-Owner of Reify Productions, Oscar oversees project development throughout all stages of conception. He specializes in pre-production screenwriting and conceptual outlining along with centering production planning around effective time management, and lastly brings everything together in post-production video editing and sound design.


Sarah Mease

A screenwriter and visionary. Sarah attended Columbia College Chicago and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in film, concentrating on screenwriting and editing for film and television. Sarah currently lives and works in Santa Fe, NM as an office Secretary for an upcoming Showtime/A24 television show called “The Curse”.


Matthew Snead

Spent most of his life watching films and making random sketches online. Eventually he was able to find a group of likeminded people who helped him further his passion towards acting and filmmaking. With his creative ideas, musical experience, and love for collaboration, Matt Snead mixes well with the already unique Reify team.

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